Futuro House, 002.jpg

Marston Park
Somerset, UK


If you go down to Marston Park woods today, you’re sure of a rare surprise; nestled under a canopy of leaves sits the eye-catching, other-wordly Futuro House. This summer, for the first time ever, visitors now have the unique opportunity to spend the night in this iconic piece of 1960s avant-garde architecture.

The Futuro’s pod-like form, retro baby blue shell, oval windows and airplane hatch immediately capture the imagination, particularly at night, when it glows with preternatural intrigue. Is it a plane? Is it a submarine? Is it a spaceship? 


Those lucky enough to ascend the lowered stairs and explore this enchanting piece of design history are not disappointed; the Futuro’s stunning space-age interior is instantly inviting. It has a flexible living space - complete with a kitchenette area, vintage lighting, round table and reclining chairs upholstered in a mustard colour - plus two cosy, curtained-off sleeping cabins with double beds. What’s more, The Futuro at Marston Park is set in its own secluded glade with lake views, outdoor seating, a fire pit and private bathroom facilities.


Spending the night in this unique accommodation is a truly magical experience. As you view the beautiful natural vistas of Marston Park through the porthole-like windows, you cannot help but feel that, at any moment, you could take off - transported to another world, or time.